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The Rapid Credentialing Grant is part of a state-wide initiative to help individuals, particularly those negatively impacted by the pandemic, quickly train for a career. The programs are funded by the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Fund and are provided at no cost to students.

The costs covered under the Rapid Credentialing Grant includes - tuition, course fees, and testing costs. There are no financial need requirements for students; however, they must complete the prescribed courses in the set time frame. Program lengths range from one semester to two-and-a-half semesters. Some coursework will be online and some in person, depending on the program. All classes and activities on campus will follow CDC guidelines and local safety ordinances. Eligible students must meet standards of satisfactory academic progress, and provide the College information regarding their job placement after completion of their program.

Do I qualify for the program?

You must be a Florida resident for tuition purposes only. Here is the Pre-qualifying application link that all interested applicants should complete.

  1. Financial aid recipients must apply all financial aid funds to tuition and fees before Rapids funds can be applied.
  2. Rapid funds are available ONLY for the courses and programs listed HERE.
  3. Recipients of Rapid Funds must complete their selected program or certification within the programs suggested timeframe.

What programs and certifications do you offer?

  • Click HERE for the list of courses and programs.
  • Click here to EXPLORE the available Certifications

When do the programs begin?

For the complete list of programs and start dates see:

How do I apply?

Complete the Pre-qualifying application

  1. You will be contacted by a BC Representative
  2. Meet with the appropriate department representative
  3. Register for required courses

How do I get additional information?

We are scheduling informational sessions/webinars for students. You can find the schedule at the bottom of this page, or you can email

(Admissions > Rapid Credentials)

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