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At this time, Academic Advising at Broward College is providing support remotely. If you are unable to schedule an appointment only, you can email the advising office of your choice.  You may find the email addresses at

You can also find information on Walk-In Advising appointments here once the College resumes normal on-campus activity.

Student must be have applied and been accepted to Broward. The instructions below are for new or returning students and not for current students.

  1. Go to; and click on the “Login” at the top, right corner

    (image of below)

  2. Log in to BC One Access using your BC email or username and password

    (Image of login screen below)

  3. Click ok myBC

    (image of button of myBC below)

  4. Select “Register for Orientation”

    (image of register for orientation button below)

  5. Select your appropriate student type

    (image of student type below)

  6. Choose the appropriate campus and term and hit “Search”

    (image of campus selection and term below)

  7. Select day and time most suitable for you and click on “Add to cart” to register for your preferred session (you will not be able to register for a session on the same day).

    (image of add to cart below)

  8. Click on “Register Now”

    (image of register now below)

  9. Click on View/Print Schedule

    (image of view/print schedule below)

  10. You are now registered for the A&R

    (image of registration confirmation below)

  11. While you wait for your A&R to start, go back to BC One Access and select the “New Student Orientation” tile to start your New Student orientation

    (image of new student orientation tile below)

(Advising > Appointments)

Last updated: 2020-09-02 07:51 AM 2213-1553170
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