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COVID-19 information can be viewed at

Have classes been canceled due to the Coronavirus?

Broward College courses will be offered in a remote learning format for Summer 2020. While most courses will continue to be remote learning format in Fall 2020, there will be exceptions for programs and courses where in-person instruction is essential. These include specific courses in the Arts, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, Aviation, Auto, Marine, and Public Safety degree and certificate programs. Students should check with their Academic Advisor for more information about those on-campus courses.

Unless otherwise designated, Broward College faculty and staff will continue to work and teach remotely from home.

What is meant by “Remote learning?”

  • Remote learning is a general term to describe a mode of instruction where the learner and instructor are separated and cannot meet in a traditional face-to-face classroom setting. Remote learning involves tools such as D2L, Blackboard Collaborate, or Skype to deliver course materials, broadcast a lecture, or hold a discussion. Even a conference call to discuss a reading and upcoming assignments could be considered a type of Remote Learning.

  • Broward College, like other higher education institutions, intentionally chose this phrase as it recognizes the wide variety of mechanisms for facilitating learning from afar. It provides faculty the freedom to apply a diversity of pedagogical approaches to implement distance learning that best works for students taking these courses.

  • Classes will meet remotely at the specific time listed on the course schedule.  This is why these courses are described as ‘Remote Learning.’  Faculty will be available to meet with you in a virtual setting during office hours outlined in the course syllabus.  The syllabus, grading policy, and other course materials will be available in the D2L learning management system.  

I don’t have internet or computer to take the class online? Will the College provide me with a laptop and webcam?

You can find information about availability of borrowing equipment by finding the information in Laptop and Webcam Loan Application and check for current availability.

Where can I get help registering for classes due to COVID-19?

Student Services has opened a College-wide Virtual Registration Lab using Zoom to assist students with registering for summer and fall classes.

The lab will be available between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm on Monday through Thursday and from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm on Friday beginning Monday, April 13th through Friday, May 15th.

The information to access the lab:

Password: 216811

Are there any changes to the academic calendar?

Yes, visit, for the current academic calendar.

I have an appointment with my advisor on campus, is that canceled?

Advising Offices have transitioned to remote operations and you now have the option of attending a virtual appointment via Skype or Phone in BC Navigate.

Visit for more information about hours and online scheduling.

Broward College Bookstores have transitioned to remote operations

Broward College Bookstores remain open for online business and are ready to serve our students by providing free shipping on all online orders. Your online purchases will be delivered to your front door.

See Bookstore FAQ's for more information: Bookstore (Barnes and Noble) FAQs

Is the library still open?

Library services:

Virtual Classroom Instruction
Each virtual library instruction session is facilitated by a Faculty Librarian and is designed to engage students in learning research strategies. 

Online Research Appointments
Faculty Librarians are available to help students locate and evaluate credible library sources and assist with formatting citations in MLA or APA.

Live Chat
Chat in real-time with a Faculty Librarian for online research assistance.

ASC Tutoring
Students can schedule an online tutoring appointment via WCOnline.

Online Library Catalog
Access e-books, peer-reviewed articles, scholarly journals, databases, streaming media, news, and more.

Let us know how a Virtual Librarian can help you:

Where can I take my placement test?

Is HESI2 (HESI) testing available?

No, HESI2 (HESI) is not available at this time.

I have questions about my class or lab and need information about my course.

Please contact your professor for any details about courses in which you are currently enrolled. You may reach you, professors, by email or through D2L.  You may also call them. Visit for the Faculty and Staff Directory located on the Broward College home page. 

What about my clinicals, practicums, and labs?       

Because of the unique nature and facility requirements of certain clinicals, practicums, and labs in the Sciences, Wellness, Allied Health Sciences, and Nursing disciplines, the schedules for these classes may need to be changed.  Your faculty and the College will ensure you are notified of these changes. You will have regularly scheduled, and consistent access to faculty and the resources needed to complete the learning outcomes for these courses.

How do these changes affect Work-Study students?

How do these changes affect student Veterans using the GI Bill?

Under current guidance from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), benefits will remain unchanged for the current term, including housing allowance, even in cases where instruction is moved to remote learning (online). If you have any questions, please contact our Veteran's Services Department at

Can I withdraw from a course or all courses? What are the impacts of withdrawing?

We do not recommend withdrawing from courses unless you have no other choice.  Important Note: You may have financial aid implications due to withdrawal.

Contact your advisor to discuss your circumstances.  

For information on how withdrawing may affect your Financial Aid, please visit

To withdraw, visit MyBC under the Registration tab. You can also view this video for guidance:

When is the Spring 2020 graduation?

Broward College will be hosting a virtual commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 6, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. via live stream. If you are an eligible graduate, you may RSVP by clicking HERE (all RSVPs will be verified). Perspective graduates will be contacted with other important information via their Broward College email address.

The RSVP deadline to participate in the virtual ceremony and submit a photo is Friday, May 29, 2020.

Optional: Students are invited to include one (1) family photo and message that does not exceed 150 characters. This will be displayed at the conclusion of the live stream. Broward College reserves the right to not use any photos that are deemed inappropriate. Photos sent become property of Broward College with the sole purpose of being used for the virtual ceremony.   

On June 6, log in to to view the ceremony. 

I recently traveled overseas. Is there anything I need to do?

The College is taking precautions and requesting self-isolation for 14 days for students and employees who have done any one of the following:

1. Recently visited any foreign country, or

2. Returned from a cruise, or

3. Traveled through Port Everglades, or

4. Were exposed to someone with symptoms,  

You must notify the College by email

If you have returned from travel more than 14 days ago, and are not experiencing any symptoms, you can return to campus. If you have any doubts, contact your health professional.

For self-isolation information visit:

I was thinking about signing up to study abroad. Will I still be able to do that?

All college-sponsored international travel is canceled until further notice. The Florida Department of Education has recommended that all college-sponsored travel, including study abroad programs, be canceled. For additional information on the status of other Broward College Study, Abroad programs visit

For travel related self-isolation or general questions, please email, or call 954-201-7530.

Will there be other changes?

The College continues to monitor the current outbreak of COVID-19 and provides updates to students and employees. These communications are sent through various methods, including BC Alerts (the College's emergency response system, which includes email, phone, and SMS text messaging). Please review your contact information and update as needed

Can I still mail my documents to  Broward College?  

Except sealed transcripts can be mailed to the Registrar's office. Electronic submission is preferred.

Will I be charged a late fee because of the impact to campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Tuition payment plan (TPP): If the student misses a payment within the guaranteed date, Nelnet will charge them a late fee.

  • Out of Pocket tuition: If the student doesn't pay their schedule by the due date, the classes drop. No late fee added.

  • Receivables: If a student owes a receivable and waits more than 60 days after the due date, a collection fee is added.

Important updates regarding office closures

Courses - Reach out directly to your professors for questions related to your course. 

Is there any financial assistance available for me since I was impacted by COVID-19?

Federal CARES Act grant funding: you must be a current Spring or Summer student; you must qualify, submit your request CARES Act SEAhawk Grant Application by June 15, 2020.

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