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New transfer students are required to schedule an appointment with an advisor upon being admitted in order to receive an unofficial evaluation of transfer credits. Unofficial transcripts may be used for the unofficial evaluation with their advisors. Students need to be registered in the current term for the Official Evaluation to take place. Students may contact their academic advisor to alert them that the transcript has not been evaluated. The advisor will communicate with the Transfer Evaluation staff to request the evaluation if it has not been done yet.

Students must be registered and paid for the current term for the Official Transcript Evaluation to begin. It can then take up to four weeks to evaluate.

Students can also visit the Registrar page to find a list of courses in TES (Transfer Equivalency Service) to assist them to understand how courses that are transferable from another institution.

For more information, refer to Transfer Credit Evaluation and TES at

(Records and Registration > Incoming Transcripts)

Last updated: 2020-05-19 09:39 AM 2213-1538466
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