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Broward College One Access requires Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), you will be prompted to set up Multi-Factor Authentication upon first login. BC One Access provides your access to important student applications (e.g. myBC, D2L, Navigate, Outlook, and Office 365).

For instructions on setting up myBC One Access off-campus, see How do I set up myBC One Access: Off Campus?

To set-up Multi-factor Authentication for the first time:

Step 1:

Go to the Broward College home page Click on the Students tab and then click on the MyBC (Includes BC Navigate) tile.

(image of the MyBC tile)

Step 2. 
Log in with your BC Email or Username, click Continue.  

(image of logging in)

Step 3.
 Type your BC Password, click Continue.

(image of entering your BC password)

Step 4. 
When attempting to sign in for the 1st time, you will see a message stating that Admin requires you to configure security questions, authentication is required to secure your account.

Select the two questions that you are most likely to remember, enter the answers, click Save.

(image of security questions)

*Remember that you are going to be asked these security questions every time you log in off-campus or want to change your password, so you will need to remember the answers.

Once you set up your security questions you will be directed to your BC One Access profile page.

(image of Security Factors)

Step 5. Once you have set up your two security questions, you will need to make your security questions your default Multi-Factor Authentication by clicking on dots and select Set as Primary.

If you would like to add the Broward College Protect app as your default or alternative Multifactor Authentication, follow the steps below:

*The OneLogin Protect allows you to use an app on your smartphone/device to accept or deny access to your BC One Access account.

NOTE: If you are going to use the OneLogin Protect App as your default MFA, you will need to be at a computer and have your smartphone/device available.

(image of Security Factors - Set as Primary)

Step 6. 
Log in to BC One Access, click on your name in the right-hand corner, select Profile.

  • *you will need to install the OneLogin Protect App on your device (smartphone)

Click Add Factor

(image of Profile and Add Factor button)

(image of Broward Protect and Activate)

If do not have the Protect App on your new device, you will need to install the OneLogin Protect App on your device (cell phone)


When the app is installed, come back to the screen and click Activate.



Step 7. Open the Protect app on your smartphone and tap the + at the top right to add your account. You will be prompted for access to your camera to scan a barcode, Click Ok.

(image of OneLogin Protect)

(image of OneLogin Protect)

When using the barcode scanner; scan the QR Code that appears on your PC. The box displays a green checkmark will appear, success!

(image of successful scan QR Code)

Step 8. 
There are two methods of pairing your smartphone; Scan barcode or manual entry.  Choose your method by selecting: Scan Barcode or Manual Entry entry.  Choose your method by selecting: 

Scan Barcode or Manual Entry

(image of Scan barcode or manual entry)

If the code doesn't scan for you, click Manual Entry on your computer, once you receive the code, enter the code into your smartphone.

The OneLogin Protect home screen appears on your smartphone/device with the account you configured.

Step 8. Each time you sign in to Broward College One Access from off-campus, you will be prompted on your smartphone to Accept or Deny the login.

Note: If you receive a notification on your smartphone and you are not attempting to login, choose Deny and immediately change your password.  This is your added layer of security.

(image of OneAccess)

Step 10.
If you want the Broward Protect app as your 2-Factor Authentication, click over the three dots options will appear“Set as Primary”.

(image of Broward Protect, Set as Primary)

Your Default method of Security Factor is now Broward Protect App.

Step 11. To return to your Broward College resources (D2L, BC Email (Outlook), myBC, and Office365)

Click on your name at the top right-hand corner and select App Portal/Home.

(image of App Portal)

If you need further assistance, 
please connect with an agent via our Live Chat portal or by phone at 954-201-7521. You can also visit our Information Technology Help Desk to submit a ticket.

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Last updated: 2020-11-02 09:00 AM 2213-1535802
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