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What is the Link to FAU Program?

The Link Program is an opportunity for students to continue their college education and receive their bachelor’s degree from FAU upon completion of their Associate of Arts (AA) or articulated Associate of Science (AS) degree.

Students of Broward College will have:

  • Guaranteed exclusive access to FAU resources
  • Guaranteed and priority admission to FAU, for those who plan to continue their college education and receive their bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University*
  • Opportunities for a tuition waiver
  • Invitations to academic and social events
  • Convenient classroom locations
    • Boca Raton
    • Davie
    • Jupiter
  • Advising from both Broward College and FAU Advisors

*Consistent with university policy. Limited access and restricted access programs may require an additional admission process

How to apply?

  1. Students must be accepted to Broward College.
  2. Meet with a Broward College academic advisor before initial registration for classes and regularly throughout each semester to maintain an appropriate academic plan.
  3. Complete Link online application. A Link representative will be in touch to schedule an appointment and confirm eligibility.
  4. Meet with a Link Advisor at least twice to be eligible for the Link $1,000 Tuition Waiver their first semester at FAU.
  5. Maintain continuous enrollment at BC. Continuous enrollment is defined as being enrolled in classes without a break of two or more consecutive regular semesters/terms.
  6. Complete their degree in six major semesters or less including prerequisite courses required for their intended major at FAU.
  7. Apply to FAU for admissions during last semester at Broward College pending graduation. A Link Advisor will review the application process.
  8. Apply for graduation by the published deadline in the term they will complete their requirements. They must send their official transcript to FAU verifying completion of their degree, either an Associate in Arts or an Associate of Science.

*Broward College students, can apply to join the Link program any time before starting their last term at Broward College.

For more information regarding the Link program, the $1000 tuition waiver, and/or for a list of Prerequisites by College for FAU, students can visit our website here or e-mail

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