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High school transcripts are not negotiable.

High-School or College is closed: 

  • High-School – The student can contact the Department of Education in their county for verification of graduation. If they do not have a record at the school, the student will be notified, and they may need to get their GED. 
  • College – When schools close, generally the schools make arrangements with the state-licensing agency to store student records. If a student is trying to locate their academic records from a closed school, they should contact the state licensing agency in the state in which the school was located to ask whether the state made arrangements to store the records. 

Transcripts from another country: 

  • If they are High School Transcripts, the student may need to get their GED. 
  • If the country is in civil unrest or the school is closed the student should contact the Broward College Registrar’s office to discuss how this can be resolved. Usually, they need something from the Ministry of Education that states the records are lost or unavailable.

(Records and Registration > Missing incoming Transcripts)

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