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Once a student has registered for classes, their transcripts go onto an evaluation list. If you have turned in transcripts but have not registered for classes, your transcripts will not be evaluated.

NOTE: Students must be registered and paid for the current term for the Official Transcript Evaluation to take place.

If you have no more classes to register for, and your transcripts have classes on them that you will need for graduation or to enter a specific program, you must make an appointment to see an advisor so that he/she can send a request for evaluation.

Transcripts are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis. They will be evaluated by the end of the term that you are registered for classes in.

The students can check their unofficial transcript through myBC to view evaluated coursework. The transcript log is also accessible to view when Broward College received their final and complete transcript. The turn- around time for processing is up to 4 weeks. The students can speak with an Academic Advisor about the transferability of courses as they handle unofficial evaluations to advise students.

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