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At this time, Academic Advising at Broward College is providing support remotely, please email your assigned advisor for any advising needs. If you are unable to schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor, please email your campus advising office at:

If you do not have an assigned advisor (such as Current Non-degree bound; Prospective student or Transient student), please email your campus advising office at:

*An advisor will contact you within two business days. 
You can also find information on Walk-In Advising appointments here once the College resumes normal on-campus activity.

Current non-degree bound students will not have an advisor.  If a non-degree bound student (fully admitted) needs to speak to an advisor, you should email the Advising Office of the campus of your choice and you will be contacted to provide advising assistance. Allow 2 business days for a response. See for list of advising offices and contact information

Degree-seeking students are assigned an Academic Advisor upon admission. Your advisor is assigned based on your major, benchmark achieved in your major, and the primary campus selected on your admissions application. Limited Access programs have special designated advisors that are assigned upon admission to those programs. 

Your assigned Academic Advisor's name and contact information is available in BC Navigate under the Resource tab. You can schedule an appointment with your advisor using BC Navigate. Instructions to access BC Navigate through MyBC are available at

(Image of BC Navigate Resources tab)

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