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At this time, Academic Advising at Broward College is providing support remotely. If you are unable to schedule an appointment only, you can email the advising office of your choice.  You may find the email addresses at

You can also find information on Walk-In Advising appointments here once the College resumes normal on-campus activity.

To Schedule an Advising or Financial Aid Appointment

Only admitted students can schedule appointments.

Further instructions for Making an Advising Appointment are also available on the Advising Appointments website at For campus and/or building location information, click on "Contact Us" on the left-hand side of the page.

Step 1: Login to MyBC on the Broward College homepage using Chrome or Firefox.

Step 2: On the left-hand side of the screen, click "Appointments"

Tip: The Navigate-College Simplified app is now available for iOS and Android devices and can be used to schedule and manage advising appointments.

(Image of Appointments tab in myBC)

Step 3: Select "Schedule an Appointment"

(Image of Schedule and Appointment)

Step 4: Select the type of advising appointment you'd like to schedule.  *You can select Advising or Financial Aid".

(Image of selecting the type of advising appointment you'd like to schedule)

Step 5: Select the Location (campus and building). This is based on the campus the Advisor assisting with that appointment is located. If you prefer a Skype or Phone appointment, make your selection for a campus and time (Steps 6-7) first, and then see Step 8 for instructions. Click Next.

(Image of Location Preference drop-down menu in myBC)

Step 6: Choose the best time for you from the list of available appointments. Click Next to confirm.

(Image of Time Availability options for scheduling an advisor appointment in myBC)

Step 7: The confirmation screen will pop-up with the details of your appointment. You can enter Comments for your Advisor (Here is where you should specify that you prefer a Skype or Phone appointment with your advisor. You. must include a phone number if you request a Phone appointment, or an email address if you request a Skype appointment) and select to receive an email and/or text reminder (You will receive a confirmation of your off-site appointment preference.  Press Confirm to finish scheduling your appointment.)

(Image of Appointment Confirmation screen in myBC)

Step 8: Your confirmed appointment will appear in your To-Do list and Appointments > Upcoming Appointments.

Note: Appointments scheduled in advance (more than a month away) will not appear until 4-weeks before the appointment date.

You can select to add it to your calendar, as well as receive email and/or text reminders.

Step 9: If the student requested an appointment via Skype, the advisor will reach out to the student via email to confirm the appointment, and will provide the student with a link for Skype.

(Image of Appointment Reminder options in myBC)


You can change or cancel scheduled appointments with your assigned Academic Advisor online through BC Navigate under the Appointments tab.

Step 1: Click on the Appointment tab to view details

(Image of View Details tab)

Step 2: Select Cancel Appointment to cancel the appointment. Then select a Cancellation Reason and enter a Comment for your Advisor (optional). To complete the cancellation, press Cancel Appointment.

(Image of Appointment Cancellation request)

Step 3: To Reschedule an appointment you will need to cancel your original appointment and then click on the Reschedule link at the bottom of the Cancelled appointment to schedule an appointment at another date and time.

(Image of Appointment Reschedule button)

NOTE: You are not able to change the advising location. You are assigned an Academic Advisor based on your home campus selected when applying which shows, your last name, and pathway. You can walk-in to the advising office on another campus but cannot schedule an appointment. You can request to have your home campus changed in the advising office.

Further instructions for Making an Advising Appointment are also available on the Advising Appointments website at

CANNOT Schedule Advising Appointment

If you are not able to schedule an appointment through BC Navigate it may be because you do not have an assigned advisor, you may be missing the home campus location on the student account or technical issues. (If you have not been admitted to Broward you will not be able to schedule an advising appointment. Email to request information. Include your name, program of interest, and contact information.)

In these cases, you must walk-in to the campus office, or contact the specific advising department at the home campus to try and resolve the issue during work hours. See

*Only degree-seeking students are assigned an academic advisor. The assignment is based on your home campus, last name, and pathway. The pathway is determined by the degree program.

(Advising > Appointments)

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